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Self Selection

If you prefer to choose your own titles, you can browse BooksWindow.com's extensive collection of titles in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese. Since all of our titles – bestsellers past and present, award-winners, classics,and everything in between – show up in English and their native language, it is easy to select your own titles. Our selection tools such as English annotation, Advanced Search, Browse by Category, Monthly New Titles, cut down on guesswork when you select your own.

Standing Order

If your library has limited selection staff or time to make your own selection but would like to receive new titles on a regular basis, we can help! We can select the best titles for you based on your preferences and budget. Just fill out the Standing Order Form – Adult or Standing Order Form – Juvenile and we will take care of the rest. And don’t worry about being locked in – you can make changes to your standing order at any time.

Ad Hoc

If you have an ad hoc budget for Asian language material and need help on deciding what to acquire, we’re here for you. No matter the budget size, we will gladly help you make the best selections for your special one-time needs such as opening day, story time, cultural festivals, or grant awards. Just fill out the Standing Order Form - Adult or Standing Order Form – Juvenile stating your preferences and check “one time only” in the “Shipping Frequency” box. Or, if you prefer, send us an e-mail at info@bookswindow.com with your preferences.

Website Features


Website in English and CJKV

Our website is in both English and CJKV so it can be easily navigated by non-CJKV as well as CJKV readers. Our books and material are annotated in English to make selection easy. You can select from our monthly new title lists which are also in printable format, both contain English annotation. So even if you don’t know any CJKV, you can rest assured of your selections.

For your convenience, each item title is displayed in three rows:

1st row: Original title if the title is translated, Romanized title if the title is Chinese, Japaense, Korean or Vietnamese
2nd row: language of the title
3rd row: CJKV title

If the title is translated from an English original, the original title is displayed. If the title is translated from a non-English work, the transliterated title of the original work is displayed along with the English edition’s title, if available, in square brackets. 

Samples of title display:

Traditional Chinese Original work

Sheng ming kuang ye


Translated from English into simplified Chinese:

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Ha li po te yu feng huang ling - 5


Translated from French into English as well as Korean:

Le Petit Prince [The little prince] 

Euhrin Wangja

어린 왕자 

Translated from a non-alphabet based Turkish into English and Japanese: 

Benim adim kirmizi [My name is red] 

Watashi no na wa 


Translated from Russian into Vietnamese with no English edition:

Duhless, povost o nhenostayasem 'Without a soul' 

Vo hon

Vô hồn

Author names
None alphabet based author names are displayed in their transliterated form.

Monthly New Title Lists

New titles are constently added to our online catalog. Depending on your language preference, the "New Titles" tab on the homepage will bring you to the new titles of the current month. They are listed by adults and children. Under the "New Titles" tab, we post New Titles Lists from the twelve previous months, in addition to the current month list, so you don't have to worry about missing titles if you don't select monthly.  

Browse by Category

Books are categorized into adult and juvenile books, and then grouped into various major categories and subcategories for book selection by subject matter. Adult books are first categorized into fiction and non-fiction. Juvenile titles are first grouped by age level.

Popular Collections

We make it easy for you to collect the most popular titles with just a click. Titles such as "The Maze Runner", "The Wimpy Kid", "Caldecott Winners", "Newbery Winners", "Bestsellers by Authentic Authors", etc. The list of collections will be updated as their CJKV translations become available. 

Search for Titles

Keyword Search

Our keyword search is convenient to use when you want to find a title by only one search criteria. Enter an exact string in the Keyword Search box to quickly search by a single field (i.e. ISBN, title, author, etc.).

Advanced Search

Use Advanced Search if you wish to use multiple criteria to refine your search. You can refine by Book Title, Author, ISBN, Publication Year, Category, Language, Age Group, WorldCat Presence, and Stock Status. 


Free OCLC Number

We provide OCLC control numbers free of charge to facilitate your cataloging process. All registered users of BooksWindow.com can view control numbers to match MARC records in WorldCat. The OCLC control number, when available, is listed in the book detail as well as on the bibliographic record.

Bibliographic Records

Bibliographic records help expedite the cataloging process. Our bibliographic records provide transliterations of a book's author, title, and publisher, as well as publishing date, category, ISBN, language, and OCLC control number (if available in WorldCat).

Our bibliographic records are delivered in electronic format for FREE upon request with your purchase of the materials for which the records are to be delivered. You also have the option of receiving paper format records (a card inserted inside one book of each title) at $1.00 per title or both electronic and paper formats at $1.50 per title. Click to view a sample bibliographic record.

MARC Records

MARC Records are available upon request for our Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean materials. The MARC Records take 1-3 weeks to process and are delivered via email. The cost of each MARC Record is $10.00 per title. You have the option to add the records to your BooksWindow.com order during check out. Please contact us at info@bookswindow.com if you have questions about or are interested in ordering MARC Records.

Physical Processing

Kapco Covers

Available for paperback titles at $5.75 each.

Book Jacket Covers

Available for hardcover titles with book jacket at $2.25 each.

Barcode and Property Stamps $0.95 each